Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I was so excited to learn that someone very close to my heart was expecting again, last summer. I offered to be there when she delivered and she agreed. I was so excited because we met during a sad and tragic time for her family and we both needed healing.

I'll never forget the call. Nikki called because she had heard that I do infant bereavement photography. She was calling on behalf of her sister in law, Laura. Laura's baby boy, CJ, had been fatally injured. He was at the hospital on life support and the family wanted photographs. At the time, no one other than Laura knew that CJ had been in the care of his father during the time of his injury. And, no one knew exactly how tragic the following weeks would be for Laura's family. It's a time that I will never forget and a time that will bond, Rob, Nikki and their family and I, forever.

I was so excited that Nikki had invited me to be there for the birth of her new baby. We were all on pins and needles waiting and praying. Imagine my surprise when I woke up on December 23, to find a post on Facebook announcing the birth of a still (at that time) nameless little boy that had been born to Rob and Nikki at HOME! I mean, really?! How dare Nikki give birth so quickly and easily... not to mention... leaving ME out! Hehe!

Actually, I was quite thrilled that Nikki had him so easily and that they were both healthy. I was even more thrilled when she called to ask me to photograph the little munchkin.

Meet Jayden:

Last Thursday I began living a nightmare! Well, it was a nightmare to me anyway. As I was photographing a family, my camera refused to work. It was the first time that it has ever happened and nearly caused a heart attack right there in the session. I ran to my office and grabbed my back up camera and that saved the session. I updated the firmware and I thought that all was well until Friday when it happened all over again! The camera situation is somewhat fixed now that I have a newer backup but we are still trying to determine whether or not the issue is my camera or the lens. Either way, I am able to breathe again! This is a good lesson and reminder for me and any other professional photographer.... ALWAYS have a backup! It's the only thing that saved me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yesterday we re-opened the studio after a nice, relaxing, Holiday. We are so incredibly excited about the surprises that 2011 has in store for us.

We kicked the year off just right by photographing, handsome little Logan. For those that don't know, Logan is my cousin. I have had the honor of photographing him since he was born. My cousins (his Mommy and Daddy) live an hour away and could so easily go any place in between but they always bring him to me. I am Blessed!

Logan started out by modeling some adorable Cookie Monster overalls made by Punky Doodle Designs(http://www.facebook.com/PunkyDoodleDesigns). He LOVED the cookies that we used as props and wasn't very happy when we had to take them away. He is truly a little Cookie Monster!

We then dressed his tired little self up in a partial tux and captured some of the cutest shots of him playing with the hat and chair! He was just a bunch of FUN!

We wrapped the session up as we typically do for a one year old, by giving him a cake to enjoy. And, did he ever enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Logan!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well, welcome to 2011! We hope that 2010 treated you well but we are hoping for even greater things in 2011.

We've been absent from the blog World. Facebook sort of stole us away during 2010 but we have decided that 2011 will bring us right back to blogger and twitter. We hope that you will watch as we unfold lots of surprises. We have new sets planned for the studio and a few specials as well.

Be sure to check back often!